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January 11, 2019 2 By Tai

Hi everyone! welcome to My Computer Talk. There’s so many interesting things I learn everyday both inside and outside of the classroom.

Inside of the classroom, during my first year of studies, I enjoyed most the unit PC Architecture. However, we didn’t do much of it, because as our professor says “its not exactly our specialty, its just background knowledge”. I liked that “background knowledge” though, and it bothered me that we couldn’t do more of it in school.

I never really found the time to keep building my knowledge base in the area during my schooling program, however, fast forward a few years to just last year I’ve been given an opportunity to share my experiences, knowledge and to research and learn more through this blog and I jumped at it!

Here at My Computer Talk, I will advocate some DO’s and DONT’s backed by my experiences, observations and research. I will also occasionally post random computer tips and documentations from my own portfolio of work. You  won’t believe how much a lot of the problems we face with our PCs are absolutely avoidable!

The the simplest way to avoid unnecessary issues with your computer is to treat it right.  I like to say:
“To avoid a computer strike, Treat your computer right!”

If there is any specific issue you would like me to to write about please feel free to let me know in the comment section below.

Thanks for dropping by!