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Why it is important to backup your files

Hi everyone, its been a while since my last post but just recently I had to backup my files because I was doing a system upgrade – just a precaution for in case anything went wrong.  I kept putting off the task of doing the system upgrade because I was too lazy to backup my…

By Tai February 18, 2019 2

Keep Computer from Overheating

  Have you ever been in the middle of setting the newest high score or completing your almost due assignment and had your computer become unbearably slow, and begin glitching? just freeze? or completely black out on you? If you have, I can testify to the whole new level of frustration you have been experiencing,…

By Tai January 25, 2019 2

About Tai

Hi everyone! welcome to My Computer Talk. There’s so many interesting things I learn everyday both inside and outside of the classroom. Inside of the classroom, during my first year of studies, I enjoyed most the unit PC Architecture. However, we didn’t do much of it, because as our professor says “its not exactly our specialty,…

By Tai January 11, 2019 2